Exotic birds

If you enjoy seeing birds in the wild then a place like this, Slimbridge, is a good place to go

Some exotic birds might have their wings clipped so they can be more easily supervised and looked after, but most are free to come and go and the large numbers are there by choice, because it is a very favourable environment.

The photos below are from many different bird sanctuaries including Slimbridge, Minsmere, Martinsmere, Vane Farm and others. 

Berwick's swans.

Mute swans

Two pink footed geese among an assortment of ducks.

A pair of Greylag geese with family.


A Hawaiian Gallinule with chick.


Eider duck.

Another Pochard.

Yet another Pochard.

Black necked swans. These are native to South America, but seem happy enough on the Severn.

Another South American bird; this is the Corscoroba swan. It is as small as a bird can get and still be called a swan.

Pink flamingos.

I have no idea! Perhaps it is a female mallard...? I like the shot because to be very scientific, it has a sweet amiable face.

Without a great deal of confidence I declare this to be a Ruddy Duck...

This is a Red Shoveler.

A Black Necked Swan.

Two brace of White Faced Whistling Ducks.

Mandarin Duck

Radjah Shelduck.

Duck soup?

I need some help with this one... Magpie Geese..?

The goose, bottom left, seems to be embarrassed by the bad behaviour of his peers...

This might be a pair of Snow Geese.

At the furthest range of my longest lens - an Avocet

A slightly different looking Snow Goose...? Help!

An easy one!

Berwick Swans or possibly Whoopers

Egyptian Goose.

Red breasted geese (during military training)

Clear for takeoff!


Berwick swans.

Whistling Duck.

A Wood Duck pair....kind of appropriate!

A Mandarin Duck making a cautious entry to the water.

A Wood Duck. These colourful birds come from North America.

White geese.

This is a Ugandan Crested Crane.

A photograph taken in Uganda many years ago in my garden. They must be called Green Pigeons.

A brooding Gallinule

Another ancient image from Uganda an African form of Egret.

 A Griffin Vulture in Amsterdam Zoo.

Geese arriving over the Solway.