About my website



I cannot believe that I have been retired for almost twenty years. I remember wondering what on earth I would do to fill in about eighty hours of extra free time. For several years, I continued to feel a frisson of stress and anxiety each August when old habits were telling my subconscious I should be gearing up for the new session, but this was the only adverse reaction to my unsought unemployment. The truth is that activities emerge to fill the time available to do them. In my case these include major developments in the garden, bridge, chess, picking up my violin again after fifty years of neglect, travelling and not least - a product of long term interest in photography - this web site.

Under "Writing" you will find several illustrated accounts of our travels plus other random thoughts. The bulk of my images will be found, in time, under  "My Photography" where I am attempting to rearrange a large number of images into six main groups. Temporarily this area is closed, please try again in a week or two....

Progress Report

There is now something to view if you go through "My Photography" and click on Trains on the second page. Birds and Wildlife is now completed. My seascapes section is now  complete and I am working on Places in Europe.