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Quite often we listen to each episode of the Archers three times: at seven o’clock, at two o’clock and the whole week’s drama through again on Sunday.  How sad is that?

But it is even worse!  This Ambridge excess is followed up by visits to the Archer’s message board, to see what other people have made of the day’s Ambridge events.  That is about an hour a day, Sunday to Friday, listening to or thinking about the Archers.  Saturday is a non-Archer day; it has its own distractions.

To the six hours of Archers we must add the three point eight hours a day, I am reliably informed, that people spend watching television - about twenty-seven hours.  Fifty-six hours a week are spent sleeping, or trying to sleep.  Say, ten hours a week are spent preparing and eating food.  A somewhat depressing calculation – about three hours a week are spent in the bathroom and another four are spent shopping.  Grand total: one hundred and six hours.

The point I want to make by these obtuse calculations is that there are fifty hours each week that are not occupied by “necessary” activities.  If I had a job there would be just enough time left in which to do it.  But I don’t.  Not anymore.

I shall not make this an even more profound exercise in banality by writing at length about normal every day events. But I still have fifty hours a week to fill and how I try to do that is the subject here.