Scottish history

As everyone who studied history at my school will tell you, English History began in 1485 with the accession of Henry VII, and ended in 1745 at Culloden. European History  took place within a comparable time frame. Nothing of note happened anywhere outside those dates.

The reasons for this somewhat limited view of  the world’s past lie within the history department at my school’s pragmatic approach to examinations. Those attempting O- level history studied Tudors and Stuarts. Those moving on to A- level history also studied Tudors and Stuarts. The coverage of Tudors and Stuarts was exceedingly thorough. The history exam results were considered to be very good.

This curriculum did at least make me aware that there was such a place as Scotland where various things had happened in the past but it did not fully equip me to teach Scottish history in a Scottish school. Due to the prolonged absence of a colleague this was a task delegated to me and, as things turned out, became a permanent duty. Skilfully hiding the bitter resentment I felt for this imposition, I was forced to do extensive research into periods outwith the Tudor Stuart era, in order to remain at least one lesson ahead of the class.

In reality this was not too much of a burden for I have always liked history and, post school, had read much history simply for pleasure (as long as it was not about Tudors and Stuarts)

In an earlier version of this website my interest in history was reflected in a section of  images which gave details of historical events which occurred there. Now the site has been re-organised I list here four galleries that are particularly history oriented:                       
1) Bruce

2) Braveheart

3) Dunvegan

4) Donald