Britain has a lot of coastline and no where is more than seventy miles from the sea. It follows that seascapes must be a major feature in any collection of landscape photographs. The coastline provides an infinite variety of textures, moods and lighting: from the cheerful, tacky, crowded confusion of a busy seaside resort to the wild emptiness of the Hebrides, from a flat desolate esturine mudflat, or sandune coast where the sea is creating the land, to that turbulent line where old mountain chains resist its erosive power and dramatic cliffs are shaped. And always the weather and season change the view.

There are some very favourite parts of the coast to which we have returned again and again so I will put images from there together. the overall plan is to move clockwise round the island starting in the north east - one o'clock as it were...

!) From the North Coast of Scotland to Yorkshire.

2) From Cleethorpes to the Isle of Wight and the Jurassic Coast.

3) The coast of Cornwall.

4) The west coast and particularly the northern part.